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Employment and Apprenticeships

Avalanche Savvy is an equal opportunity employer and offers a pathway into the Pro level avalanche industry through an apprenticeship program.

Pro Employment

We are always on the lookout for Avalanche Professional with their Pro 1 certificate w/ WFR  or higher. Pay ranges from $200 - $480/day D.O.E.  Fill out this expression of interest form and/or give us a ring. We value years of experience working in Snow Safety Operations, and working in different hemispheres.


We offer an apprenticeship pathway into the pro-avalanche world for the right people. We do this under the A3 guidelines for someone to move from an affiliate member up to a pro member and get their operational days under a Pro2(or equivalent) Snow Safety officer.  Minimum Qualifications are Level1 + Rescue, WFA and currently seeking L2 or Pro1. We are especially interested in people who can both Ski/splitboard and snowmobile. Pay ranges from Volunteer to $200/day D.O.E.


Apprentice duties involve but are not limited to:

  1. Assisting Pro instructors

  2. Assisting teaching awareness classes

  3. keeping track of gear

  4. helping with morning prep like forecasts printouts, fuel, making sure students are pre-pared for feild days.

  5. Shuttling students on HyBrid Classes

  6. collecting snow pit data in the field

Fill out this expression of interest form and/or give us a ring.


For Pros and Apprentices

1 / Pro-deals

Access to a variety of Pro-Deals

2 / Paid Training

We do a minimum of 2 days of team training per year. And upskill opportunities in different areas:

  1. Snow Science

  2. Motorized skills

  3. Teaching Skills

  4. more TBD

3 / Work in Variety of Zones, Classes and travel modes

We have a variety of Zones, and class types to work in or expand into for the right people.

4 /Cross Training between Non-motorized and Motorized

Expand your skill travel mode skill set with us.

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