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Avalanche Beacon Practice with Summit Snow Riderz @Frisco Adventure Park

Join us at 5pm at the Beacon Park in Frisco, to practice up on your beacon locating skills! If you haven't checked this place out yet, you really should! Big thanks to Summit County Rescue Group for providing the equipment.Avalanche Savvy will be there to provide some join us and we have some cool prizes and fun games happening! You can practice single and multiple burials, while competing with your friends.The beacon park is located in the SW corner of the Frisco Adventure Park. Once you enter the park, drive past all buildings and tubing facilities. After the lodge, there is a small parking lot on the left, where the beacon park is located. If you get back on the highway, you've gone too far! Hope to see you there!

We'll also have some free handouts on electrical interference from phones, snowmobiles, etc.

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