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Avalanche Level 1 for snowmobilers Steamboat, Hayden, Craig Colorado January 26th - 28th

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Avalanche Level 1 for snowmobilers Steamboat, Hayden, Craig Colorado January 26th - 28th
Avalanche Level 1 for snowmobilers Steamboat, Hayden, Craig Colorado January 26th - 28th

Avalanche Level 1: This is a 3-day class the bedrock standard to travel safely in the backcountry under the American Avalanche Association Guidelines(A3).

Location: North West Colorado, multiple spots will be used in the vicinity of Steamboat Springs, Hayden, Clark, and Craig.

Accommodation Options:, and several more Air Bnb's in Hayden and all sorts of accommodation in Steamboat and Craig

Travel Mode: Snowmobile or snow bike

Dates: January 26th-28th, field days. Upon interest, we will have the option to do the first day(classroom sessions) via ZOOM Earlier in the week on Tuesday, January 23rd, and Thursday 25th. The course content is 3 days (24 Hrs) total, with 2 days (16 hrs) of field time on Snowmobiles, and the other 1 day(8 hrs) of classroom time spent doing online learning, zoom training, and/or in-person classroom TBD.

To register: Use the embedded Eventbrite form below, or direct on Eventbrite or you can ring us, or email

An Avalanche Level 1 class is an essential and foundational training program designed for individuals seeking to venture into avalanche terrain safely. This comprehensive course equips participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions in avalanche-prone environments. Our curriculum covers key topics such as avalanche types, snowpack analysis, terrain assessment, route finding, and rescue techniques. Participants gain a deep understanding of the factors contributing to avalanches, enabling them to assess the avalanche risk and make educated choices to minimize exposure.

The Level 1 course combines classroom instruction with practical field exercises, providing a balanced learning experience. In the classroom, participants delve into avalanche theory, weather patterns, and daily decision-making cycles to use "terrain" which is the answer to all 9 avalanche problems. Participants also learn to use essential tools such as transceivers, probes, and shovels for effective companion rescue. Field sessions allow participants to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios, honing skills like snowpack stability assessments and safe travel techniques. Completion of an Avalanche Level 1 class is a crucial step for anyone venturing into the backcountry, ensuring they have the expertise to navigate and enjoy these environments while minimizing the inherent risks associated with avalanches.

All class students receive:

  1. Class completion certificate

  2. Complimentary membership to the Freinds of CAIC for the rest of the season, and Freinds of CIAC membership card.

  3. 30 Caltopo pro trial membership

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