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Avalanche Refresher 1-day class for snowmobilers - Steamboat, Hayden, Craig, Colorado - January 27th

Avalanche refresher 1- day: This is a 1-day class for those who already have a Level 1 Avalanche Certificate

Location: North West Colorado, multiple spots may be used in the vicinity of Steamboat Springs, Hayden, Clark, and Craig.

Travel Mode: Snowmobile or snowbike

Dates: January 27th

To Register: Scroll to the bottom of this page or on Eventbrite

This Avalanche 1-day refresher course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive review of essential knowledge and skills related to avalanche safety. Geared towards individuals who have previously completed a Level 1 Avalanche Class, this refresher course aims to reinforce key concepts and update participants on the latest advancements in avalanche risk assessment and mitigation strategies.

  1. Terrain and ATES(Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale)

  2. Snowpack and weather

  3. Human Factors

The one-day format allows for a concentrated yet efficient review, covering topics such as snowpack analysis, terrain evaluation, decision-making in avalanche-prone environments, and effective use of safety equipment like beacons, shovels, and probes. Participants can expect hands-on exercises, scenario simulations, and discussions facilitated by experienced instructors, fostering a dynamic learning environment that enhances their ability to make informed decisions when navigating avalanche terrain.

This refresher course is ideal for snowmobilers, backcountry skiers, snowboarders, and other winter recreation enthusiasts who venture into avalanche-prone areas. By refreshing their skills and staying current with best practices, participants can significantly contribute to their safety and that of their peers while enjoying the thrilling experiences offered by snowy mountain environments. The Avalanche Education 1-day refresher course serves as a valuable tool to empower individuals with the knowledge and confidence needed to navigate winter landscapes responsibly and minimize the risks associated with avalanches.

Every Student will get:

  1. Roughly 8hrs field time with an instructor

  2. Access to our online pre-course learning for Level 1 and Rescue Classes

  3. 1:6 instructor-student ratio

  4. Free trial of OnX Backcountry app with the HOT of the press ATES Feature

  5. Free Trial of Caltopo the go-to app for SAR teams and more

  6. 50% off a Rescue course with us in 23/34 season or 24/25 season

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