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What is the American Avalanche Association(A3)?

The American Avalanche Association (A3) is a professional organization dedicated to promoting avalanche safety and education. The A3 was founded in 1977 and has since become the primary professional organization for avalanche professionals in North America.

The A3's mission is to support and represent avalanche professionals, including avalanche forecasters, educators, researchers, and rescue personnel. The organization provides a forum for members to share knowledge and expertise, and it advocates for policies and practices that improve avalanche safety.

The A3 also maintains professional standards and provides accreditation for avalanche education courses. This includes setting criteria for course content, instructor qualifications, and student outcomes. The organization also provides professional development opportunities for its members, including workshops, conferences, and research grants.

Overall, the American Avalanche Association plays a critical role in promoting avalanche safety and education in North America by supporting avalanche professionals, advocating for best practices and policies, and maintaining professional standards for avalanche education.

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